Tiny Bubbles Tea Bar

Tiny Bubbles Tea Bar previously operated in a space half this size and after testing the concept for a year with the existing space and leftover bar from a gelato business, this spunky mother/daughter duo decided it was time to renovate. The clients needed to expand the tea bar for better staff functionality, efficiency, guest space and comfort and really wanted a space that fit their personality and brand colors. Early on the client expressed an interest in having a space that looked industrial with pops of purple and green throughout. By blowing out the back wall of the gelato space and expanding into the back part of the gift shop, we were able to double the size of the space and triple the amount of seating. We used a combination of barn wood, industrial lighting, and a metal frame factory window wall to give it the industrial look the clients desired. We created custom lighting with purple and green extension cords to turn up the fun factor and covered the chairs in vinyl to protect from spills.  Green laminate was used on the order and pick up counters to call out the different functions and the central portion of the bar was raised to provide a barrier for the prep area where drinks are made.