Collector’s Garage

A client’s detached garage serves as a place to relax, display his many collections and keep his two collector cars. This space previously looked like a hodge podge ranging from priceless items to the everyday dust collectors. The first order of business was to organize, edit and find a new home for items with the least value, both monetarily and sentimentally. Dark, masculine and cozy was the overall goal for the space. Since the family is in the oil business, old gas pump nozzles were used to create custom lighting over the bar. The tile backsplash gives the wall a rusted metal look and floating, live edge shelves allow a place to display cars. For a clean simple look, gypsum board shelves, with integrated lighting, were designed instead of millwork shelves for a more modern look. Luxury vinyl planks mimicking wood were chosen for the warm look of wood but allow for function, and protect against potentail oil leaks when the cars are parked in the garage. This space is the car collector’s dream.