The Built Environment

Art Mob Studio Tour 2013

Touring the studios of local Atlanta artists

The weekend of December 15-17th was the Art Mob Studio Tour 2013 here in the Metro Atlanta area. Created to introduce local artists to people in the community, the tour is much like an open house and offers a great way to see the process of creating pieces and the private studios where the artists work. It’s chance to get to know the artists and chat one on one with them. It’s a opportunity to ask questions about their pieces and also get a glimpse of many pieces still unfinished that may be heading to a gallery.

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Me and My Collections

So, I thought I would open this new blog with a little about myself, by sharing a few of my collections, and giving readers a glimpse into my  world. Collections are wonderful ways to remember your trips, your past, your family and show what you’re interested in.  I always impress upon my clients, when I walk in someone’s home, I want to see their personality. I want to know who you are, what inspires you, where you’ve been, what you’ve done, what books you read, and how you surround yourself and get your energy. I want to be able to learn those things just by looking around, without you being present to tell me.

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